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7. oktober 2023
Kl. 15.00 - 20.00

Moments Between Moments udstilling

Moments Between Moments is an immersive exploration into the intricate facets of human experience in an ever-evolving, unpredictable world. This curated exhibition serves as an echo chamber for ambivalence and transformation, navigating a metaphoric maze between the present and the future. The showcase delves into the liminal aspects of daily life—those often-overlooked thresholds and transitions that shape our reality.

At the core of the exhibition lies a profound quest for understanding human behavior, societal structures, and the underlying dynamics that form our existence. What does it mean to be human in a world that appears both universal and divided by cultural and national boundaries? This multi-faceted exhibit transcends mere aesthetic appreciation by including a broad range of works—from street photography captured in Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Dresden, and Arvidsjaur to film and installation art. It challenges conventional perspectives on loneliness, doubt, and unmet expectations as collective human experiences.

The exhibition acts as a societal mirror, reflecting the human condition during turbulent times, caught between cultural diversity and global loneliness. It beckons you to introspect and delve deep into the labyrinthine recesses of your own consciousness.

Having garnered international acclaim, this collection proves its relevance and impact on the contemporary art scene. Winning top accolades such as the YICCA 20-21 International Contest of Contemporary Art and featuring in recognized exhibitions like the Nordisk Salong 2021 with more the 2396 applications received, PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Awards 2023Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022Artist Summer Exhibition 2021Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020, Copenhagen Photofestival 2019, Photofestival Schiedam 2020 and Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015.

The works demonstrate not just artistic prowess but also a deep connection to universal themes that resonate across boundaries and cultures.


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