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10. februar 2024
Kl. 20.00 - 23.59

Vinterjazz: Agabas [NO] + Oxx

Det bliver tung og avantgarde fyldt aften når Agabas fra Norge stiller op med dødsjazz og Oxx fra Århus bringer avanthardcore på Stengade under Vinterjazz Festival.

Koncerten er en del af Vinterjazz Festival.

Extreme metal and jazz in disgusting harmony. It’s called deathjazz and, yes, it is as insane as it sounds. The roaring jazz saxophone solos its way across landscapes of blast beats and chugging just as effortlessly as it joins in on the groovy guitar riffs, creating a unique dynamic of metal and jazz that can only be described as the Agabas experience.

The band’s sound is influenced by bands like Meshuggah, Gojira, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge for their metal foundation and blends it with a jazz expression in the likes of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman. It all culminates in a wild rush of adrenaline fueled aggression, and when it comes to the live shows – well, they get about as unhinged as you would imagine.

After playing by:Larm, Norway’s biggest music business festival, in 2021 the band got a running start into the following year getting booked to festivals like Inferno, Midgardsblot, Øya, Pstereo and Høstsabbat as well as a bunch of headline shows around the country. Agabas released their second album ‘A Hate Supreme’ on September 15 2023.

Oxx is a danish avant-hardcore band; a distillation of it’s three members’ diverse backgrounds in genres as diverse as bluegrass, death metal, free-folk and film scoring all filtered through the confrontational aggression of hardcore. The result is a maelstrom of undulating tempos and meters, relentless vocal frenzy and flailing limbs.

Their latest record, “The Primordial Blues” (August 18th. 2023), is structured around a sonnet corona of desperate but ecstatic perversion in the face of modernity.

The approximate sonic equivalent of being black-out drunk while getting beaten to death with a Thomas Pynchon doorstopper.

Alexander Bossen : Guitar, Vocals
Anders Frodo S. Mikkelsen : Bass
Martin Aagaard Jensen : Drums


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