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Teglgårdstræde 8A, København, Danmark
28 88 20 01

Restaurant Brace

BRACE was born in 2017 as an Italian restaurant focused on the use of local 

ingredients and mindful producers.

By definition, BRACE means

“something that is used to support or connect things,

or to make something stronger”.


A concept that leaves no room for misinterpretation, therefore.

An English term that recalls the foundations from which everything arises

and then develops over time.

This is the meaning we wanted to give to our name.


In fact, each of us have our foundations, our history … our roots. It is from those roots that we can

evolve: everything can become stronger and better than the previous moment.

Our cuisine has its roots in a gastronomic philosophy that is deeply aware of that eternal path that

leads from simplicity to perfection,

always passing through nature.


The same nature that, season after season and with a beautiful and

vast variety, can offer precious ingredients.

Our ingredients come from local collaborations, suppliers

who work sustainably and share our vision.


The bond with nature is real for us, 

we firmly believe that what dies can continue to live, becoming a new lifeblood!